bike racks!

anyone have a really good set of plans for a bike rack? i need to store at least 6 bikes, maybe 8. i’ve been finding good stuff online, but was wondering if anyone had any other advice.
this is for my dorm basement, so space saving isn’t too vital. i was thinking it would be good to do them staggered, like 3 on one side, 4 on the other.

i’ve been seeing a lot of pvc pipe ones, but they look really flimsy
but here’s a good one from BF:

Another option is to hang a galvanized pipe from the ceiling and hang your bike from the saddles. You just slide the front of the saddle over the pipe. Since the saddle is toward the back of the bike, the bike will hang with the front lower than the rear keeping the bike secure merely from the weight.[/quote]

That seems like it would invite a lot more messing-with than a regular rack, but it’s certainly simpler.

Where are you living?

I have a buddy that just found an old bed frame made of metal. The metal slats were just the right width to set up a bike rack with it.

Our bike co-op had used an old futon frame for that. Gotta find one for it to work, though.

you should change the spelling to “bike arcks”

Me and a friend built a 10-bike rack out of a bed frame, 6 old lugged frames, and 6 old 27" rims+ welding machine. Its awesome looking and it’s bullet proof, I may take a pic of it tonight.

please do, sounds cool

thats exactly what happened hahaha. Some bums stole the racks from our coop for scrap money I’m sure, so we thought “Hrm, what could we build a rack out of…”

And it worked pretty damn well. Ill take my cam out to the shop tonight.

Is security an issue or do you just want them upright?

no security concerns. i’m going to get a long long cable and lock them all together.

What dorm?