bike sharing

i know this isn’t something revolutionary but it’s pretty cool, and for the moment, the largest program in the country. it started 2-3 months ago and it’s doing pretty well. i think Minneapolis is the next city to get it, and their program will be even bigger.

It’s really great. DC is about to take back the title of largest program in the country as they are expanding by over 1000 bikes.

I’ve been impressed with how well this seems to be working so far. I see quite a few people on them every day, partly because I work down the street from one of the stations. I expected that someone would have been killed or injured somehow by now. Many of the people I see with these are on the sidewalk. It will be interesting to see how the system pans out in the long term and during the winter, when the fun and novelty wears off.

yeah, i’m curious to see how winter goes as well. i know they expect for ridership to drop, i just hope they don’t do something stupid, just because things are going well during the winter months.

Big up Denver. Hope they start this up in Santa Barbara, it would be perfect considering the tourist industry and the fact that the entire downtown area is easily and efficiently traversed by bicycle. And there’s bike parking everywhere.

minneapolis is kicking their program off today and the system already looks pretty extensive i’d expect to see this popping up in tons of cities in the near future. i can only imagine that this would do very well in a majority of california cities.