Bike shops that don't let you borrow a floor pump..

are dicks.

name and shame?


This actually exists? I can hardly conceive of something so selfish.

Do they make you pay for the air? I don’t get what advantage they have.

thats pretty fucking lame. there’s a couple shops in seattle (gregg’s) that actually have some sort of a pressurized air system hanging out by the door that is very nice

SOME shops have a compressed air hose that runs outside, so you don’t even have to go in and ask for air, just pick it up and go ahead.

Yeah and SOME shops have NJS tarck stuff on tables outisde, so you don’t even have to go in and pay for them, just pick it up and go ahead.


(p.s. Cycle Smithy does that)

(p.p.s. the air thing, not the NJS thing)

That’s some fuckin bullshit right there. What are they doing, charging 75 cents like 7-11?

Air is getting harder and harder to come across. Global warming and all.

was that a simpson’s episode when moe’s got turned into an air bar?

So recently a friend of mine bought a bike from a local bike shop here in town, not only did they sell him an $800 specialized allez elite, they told him it was this years model and the 105 rear derailluer is only 9 speeds while 08’s are 10 speed. Secondly, they gave him the bike without fitting him, as well as without even explaining how anything on the bike including the shifters and cycle computer work. I have to stress the fact that this kid has no cycling background, and their conduct pretty blatantly explains that they knew this and took him for all he was worth. Then they convinced him to have the tires immediately replaced with armadillos for an extra $100, and that he needed a $100 helmet, and when they mounted the tires they didnt even bother to line up the labels. When his back started hurting after the second day, he took the bike in to have it fitted par my suggestion, the kid they had “fit” him started by deflating the front tire until someone told him he wasnt supposed to to fit a bike, at which point he reinflated it and fitted the bike, without anyone looking on and he did a damn poor job. It really disappoints me that a business would treat someone so poorly and so blatantly rip them off, and not even have the decency to give them good service while doing so. Sorry for the rant.

should there be a LBS blacklist? that kind of shit deserves it.

Okay, now I’m really fuckin’ angry!!! Let’s get these cunts!!!

My LBS wanted $9 for a 20 inch tube. $10 for a high pressure tube.

“high pressure tube”?

Sounds like the old “electric spoon” to me.

I almost started one a few weeks ago.

The first post would have to be a updated list though. And I think blatant dishonesty or truly absurd assholerly should be required for inclusion rather than just run of the mill incompetence, snobbery and price gouging.

$10 for a 700c tube is pushing the line between price gouging and absurd assholery. Unless its one of those 60mm stem ultralight latex deals.

$10’s not that bad based on the tube. ... earch=true

I paid 8 for those ^ at my backyard (literally over my back fence) lbs.

yeah, but $8 ain’t $10. Thats a big difference when the wholesale is around $3.75.

I’m sure $10 will be standard pretty soon though.