Bikepacking the Silver Siouxon Route

Labor Day Weekend. Moira and I are invited to do a bikepacking trip with trail veteran, Monica Gallagher along the the Silver Siouxon route (as detailed on None of us had been down there before but the trail reports looked great and I'd recently bought a Marin Pine Mountain 2. This looked like a good opportunity to see what it could do. The route would have us out for 3 days, 25 miles a day, on a course rated 6/10 in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest - what's not to like?

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Why did you start your own thread for this

threads start when blogs are posted

Yeah I didn’t realize it was going to do it. I was asked to blog it so blogged it. Interesting to see the mechanism I guess. We’ll blog and they become threads we can yak about (or ignore) per your preference.

Interesting to note, the forum-port strips out photographs.

Also interesting to note, the replies we put in this thread are published back to the blog.

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Interesting mechanism for the comments - I wonder if it can be teased apart?

At any rate, thanks for the write-up Scott.

It was so beautiful that its hard to be mad about the pushabike

is it though?