Bikes Direct knocked off the Fuji Track Comp

…and by “knock-off,” I mean chose it from the same catalog as Fuji did.

Pretty awesome, and if I didn’t already have an alloy track bike, I’d be pre-ordering it now.

Looks good.

bikes direct owns fuji afaik. the windsor “the hour”, the motomess, and the fuji track is all the same bike

Uh, wrong Sol, so wrong.

In other news these would make great loaner bikes at tracks.

[quote=asterisk]Uh, wrong Sol, so wrong.

In other news these would make great loaner bikes at tracks.[/quote]
why wrong?


yeah— it has the same cockpit as my old 08 ftp, which i’ve never seen anywhere else. plus on the DA crank but possible minus on the wheelset though.

really cheap though— if i recall correctly EP on the ftp in 08 was in the low 700s.

they are selling it as a frameset too

Looks pretty nice to me. If I was in the market for a semi serious track bike I’d probably go for that one.

niceee. glad he decided to focus on that instead some retarded variation of the kilo

[quote=solbrothers][quote=asterisk]Uh, wrong Sol, so wrong.

In other news these would make great loaner bikes at tracks.[/quote]
why wrong?[/quote]

Because you’re wrong. BD does not own Fuji. That’s laughable. Fuji is owned, and distributed in the United States, by Advanced Sports Inc., headquartered in Philadelphia (taken from the Wikipedia page). BD has nothing to do with them. The reason the Fuji Track and your Motobecane are the same is because BD buys the Messenger from the same manufacturer as Fuji does for the Track.

oh, so they are the same bike then. MY BAD GUISE

BD owning Fuji is a whole world of different from bought the frame-set from the same manufacturer.

Ford and GM are not the same company and I’m certain they use the same suppliers for various things.

aah werd. my bad mr dinosaur

IF we move to SF it would be very tempting to sell the Samson and buy one for velodrome use. I road a Track Comp in Boulder and liked it though felt it was a bit too twitchy for use there. A more mellow track like Hellyer would be perfect for it.

It looks like a pretty badass bike for the money, though you’ll notice that the SSFG crowd seems to think that they’re too powerful for DA cranks (by far the most popular crank in international competetion) and they should spec Omniums instead.

Based on the photos, it seems like Bike Direct is going to be using cheaper 6061 alloy, while the Fuji Track Comp comes with 7005 tubing, so I guess it’s not actually the same bike.

nice bike. would buy if I needed such a thing.

I find it funny that he broke the news on ssfg rather than the track forum.

interesting— i don’t recall, but i think the old ftp was 6061. maybe BD bought the rights to that model when fuji changed over to 7005.

Yeah, they list the older models as being made of A-6 alloy, which I can only assume is 6000 series tubing. The Track Comp now uses Altair 2, which the internet tells me is 7000.

My 2004 was 14 pounds with clinchers and was stiff enough that it gave me a headache when I rode the bumpy velodrome, so I’d say A-6 was perfectly suitable.

I dig it. Isn’t this what people have been asking BD for for a while?
also obligatory complaint about decals being ugly and non removable