bling out my bike

i need some new blinged out parts for my yamaguchi
this is the thread where you guys give me money to buy new parts

pm me for my paypal address

zelah sell some jeans i need bike parts

i have H+ to Superbe Pro wheelz

you pay shipping

i only want paypal donations

cant be bothered with selling useless track parts

sell them then send me the moniez

going to lunch when i get back i better have some money
u fuckers


i want my $30 stiffytruck you fucker.

back from lunch
still broke

I have thirty-seven cents in my pocket. You can have it. Pay shipping.

[quote=Captain Harlock]i have H+ to Superbe Pro wheelz

you pay shipping[/quote]
This sounds hot. Which H+ rims, and in what colour?


OOoooooo when is the pilot for this show going to be on TLC

did you get teh mutant stem i sent you yet?

Holy shit! So rare.

mutant stem u son of a bitch

mugen stem would be NJS

gold ano mutant… so much fuckin bling

mugen stem… heh…