BMX frame

Anyone want a MUSA 20.75 Fit TD350 frame? $75 plus shipping? I have a 30t sprocket, bottom bracket (both 22mm), Odyssey brakes, a sweet seat and post set too if you need parts I’m sure I can chuck them all in the box for another $25. specs

fuck i’m not allowed to ride bmx anymore

But you should own one anyway!

Riding bmx when my kids were on strider bikes was a blast.

it wrecks my wrists, mostly because it wrecked my wrists. working on getting a new skateboard together for that purpose

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My BMX can mess with my tennis elbow which is weird.

Skateboards are lots of fun too!

i spent like 15 years skating and only like 2 riding bmx.

skateboarding: maybe a concussion or two, nothing crazy. never got too great but could do a lot of fun powersliding and ledge stuff.

BMX- torn ACL, MCL, Meniscus, jacked up wrists, few spots on my shin that don’t feel anything, few spots on my shin that feel everything. used to be able to hop waist high and wall ride with the meh-st of them

but dang it’s tempting. if there was a pump track where i was headed i would probably snag it

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Will you ship it? I’ll pay for that, obviously

This is literally the same geo as my s&m but I still kinda want it

I can ship, not sure how much it’ll be though.

I replaced this frame with a Terrible One Barcode, which is almost the same just had CS brake mounting instead of seat stay.


I’ll take it all! Will DM you

This is why I keep looking at that Surly Lowside and wishing I had the space, time, and money for a useless fuckaround bike.