for the past few years I’ve been riding an old unidentifiable bmx bike that my roommate (at the time) gave to me. The thing got stolen at a party last week. I’m super bummed.

Here is my point:
I don’t know much about bmx, but I want to get one again. I know that I like freestyle and DJ bmx bikes over traditional racing style bmx bikes.
SO, please advise me about bmx and where I should start looking for parts or decent completes.

Verde, fit, fbm, and kink make awesome quality bmx bikes for a fraction of what it costs to build one up. I would start there.

triple sixer, i thought u were a skater, cuz u were hanging out in the gonz thread…yargh, u lier


Thanks. I’ll check them out.

think about your price range, check out what the mailorders (empire, albes, staff and dans [but don’t order from dans]) have, and then ask rabbi and i about stuff.

i just ordered a Stolen Sinner V3. seems like a pretty solid bike.
also, this video is kinda neat

Ty Morrow + Dan Lacey / Barcelona 2009 from Federal BMX on Vimeo.

wow, stoked on that vid.



That fucking nose bonk to drop was really sick.

Also, it’s pretty cool to see skate spots blowing up in BMX videos.

^ agreed. So many nosegrinds (you guys call them that too, right?)!

videos that show the people having fun are the best. that shit was rad.

Not cool… where’d this happen?

Haven’t followed BMX for quite some time, but I remember drooling over Free Agents in BMX PLUS! magazine just about every day in junior high.

Looks like their shit is pretty fairly priced too:

You should come to Madison and get a BMX bike from my store. We have a shit-ton of nice used ones that have been there forEVER. Some are even collectible. I’m sure you would get a good deal.


Stoked on that video too. It’s cool to see the kind of terrain you can ride with 20" tires versus ~50mm urethane wheels.

uhhh yeah. cool. totally. what shop?

ben would have to come with me though. cos i lub him.