OMG 1337! OMG OMG OMG I LOVE 1337 5P34K!!!

He should go outside.

So should you, dangerscott.

Don’t remind me. Right now I am trying to finish some big projects for school so I can graduate, I am stuck behind a computer for the next few weeks. Hopefully next quarter I can relax a bit before I graduate and have to get a job.
Tarck is my vice.

does bold have an e-stalker?

I’ve got more


ouch… i do too.

Me too.

Not me!

So how many do I have? I’d guess about 400.


You guys need to get a life.

Your 1500+ post say you need one just as much as we do.

I think we can all agree that we all need to get a life.

This thread may make it seem like I have a life. Do not be misled.

Pfft no way man, I have a life. I get bitches galore and just straight up playa playa 24/7.

sobs quietly

Get off my life! Damn kids.

What’s it like living in Egypt?
What do you do?(besides post on the Tarck)