Bontrager Foray MTB shoes - Size 42 - BLACK + Crankbros pedals + cleats (new)

got these with my bike from my bud. Rode them for about an hour and realized they were too big.

Trade me or make an offer?

They’ve got crankbros cleats on 'em right now, but I switched to TIME, so I can include those w/pedals if you WANT

Things I’m looking for:

Glasses that fit my small face
Small Bibs, sans buttstains
lizard skins DSP 1.8 bar tape
Gatorskin 28 OR a full set of some burlier 28 road tire
Shock Pump
ODI Grips, pref. ORANGE or other similar grippies for me mtb.
50mm thomson stem - blk

Other stuff you don’t want?

if shoes look weird it’s coz they’re WET coz I WIPED 'em for ya