Boring-Govt Camp

Portland peoples,
I’m going to be in town like May 10th - 17th. I’d like to do a road ride from somewhere like Boring to Government camp and back down the hill. Has anyone done this and would anyone like to do this with me? I don’t think my brother is up for a ride like that so it’d be cool if someone wanted to roll with me. I’m pretty open on the starting point, I just figured Boring was a good spot to get started. Let me know if you’re interested or have some experience with this ride.

edit: I should add I’m going to be on my road rig and have no plans of doing this fixed.

boring is never a good place to start.

Govt. Camp is a crazy little town. I went to a snow boarding camp there once.
Is there a town called Boring?

Yeah. Boring Oregon.

That’s awesome.
Like Normal, Illinois.

there is also Drain, and Curtain.

bahaha awesome town names

i’ve never tried anything in that area, but i’d be down if you can find a good route.

I was thinking just straight up hwy 26. It seems wide enough from what I remember.

hmm maybe when all the snow is gone? i went over 26 a few days ago (in car), it seemed narrowish. then again, i wasn’t looking with the intent of planning a bike ride.

Yeah I was hoping by May the snow would subside a bit. But I guess I haven’t been up there in a while and don’t really know when the snow eases off of the road in that area. it’s like 35 miles up and another 35 miles back so I was thinking it’d be a good 4-5 hour ride depending on what pace is doable up the hill. It’s only 3000 ft in elevation change from Boring to Govt. Camp so I figure that’s not to steep a grade over that long period of time. I mean, compared to Little Cottonwood Canyon here which is 3500ft in less than 9 miles, thats a lax climb haha.

hmm yea. my girl is a ski patroller at meadows so she drives that way every week, i’ll ask her opinion about bikes on 26.