brake lever diameters

are there any brake levers that fit the thicker bit at the tops of drops where the stem grips? i need at least a 26 a best 26.4 but thats asking for a miracle. i was told that bmx levers fit 26, but couldn’t find any. i want a 1 or 2 finger. im sick of those shitty cross levers made for having a lever on the tops for roadies.

A 26mm hinged lever would probably work just fine. I’m using a cyclocross interupter style lever. Only had it for a few days but I’m diggin’ it. I bought a set so I’d be willing to trade the right lever for something.

I use a goldfinger on my syntace stratos. It works good.

i use an odyssey trigger, but id also get a goldfinger.

paul e lever is very nice as well.

i went to a bmx shop here (The Anchor) and the guy there hooked me up with a dia-comp clamp-on for free. it looks a lot like the odyssey. he didn’t have any new ones and found it in the junk bin. fuck yeah, free lever for cheap bars and free stem.

all i have to do now is make it fit. i dont know what diameter its meant for, prob 25.4. i’m gonna try heating it up a bit and squeezing it on. is that a good idea? should i just spend the time to file it out?

Ride Brakeless?

^ Not a good idea.

that one i got didn’t work, not even close. so its brakeless for now. i have been brakeless for a year or so anyway. i only put a brake on a few months ago for the rain. brakeless is still more fun, i’m not sure why, it just feels better. anyway, ill keep looking, i might just get a drop lever.