brake pad contact?

i need a long reach brake for my new build, but i’m broke now.
so on the brake i already had, i filed the parts that hold the pad into the caliper down as far as i could to get the pad to slide down farther.
is this enough contact on the rim?
i’m thinking that as long as it’s not rubbing the tire it’s fine.
am i right?

right side (with lever compressed::

left side (with lever compressed):

looks damn close to me. but i would say it would work

those rims are gonna look nice in about a month

It’ll work for now, but those pads will inch their way up as they wear out.

I’d say roll with it and save up for long reachers.

as long as you didn’t compromise the arm of the caliper by filing, i’m with these guys.

I’ve done this. It was fine.

no braks

It will work.

I’ve run a similar setup. That’s pushing it for clearance, and you will definitely want to keep an eye on the pads as they wear. But it’ll work.

Just file it further if you’re not happy with it. Slot it out completely.
The bolt itself will hold the two sides of the arm together a lot stronger than the actual Al “bridge” ever could, so as long as a good part of the washer is making contact with the arm you’re good.

I’m too lazy/busy to dig it up but sheldon says so somewhere.

Generally, one wants 1mm of clearance between the top of the brake pad and the edge of the rim where it meets the tire. You might have 1mm there.

robot- don’t you only use the brake in an “oh shit!” moments?

i think you’ll be fine, but i would also like to see that rim after a few trips out with the brake. something tells me you will be using it only in ‘oh shit’ situations on that rim, so if this setup is going to fail you may have bigger problems at the time anyway.

say what?

i think it’s stupid to have a brake and not use it.