brakes or no brakes?

and why?

I run two on my fg. I’d say 75% of my stopping/slowing is “brakeless” skipping or resisting. It’s hilly here and occasionally it’s nice to have the rear brake on. I couldn’t give a fuck about the weight and I’m running drops with hoods so the lever is still gonna be there either way.

No brakes on my track bikes because they’re not drilled and I really like carving and skidding steep hills. Of course I could do that with a brake on there and just not touch it, but that’s not really what I’m going for.

My fixed gear commuter/rain bike is about to get a brake just because I want the cyclocross tires I have on there to last.

My road bike has some awesome brakes.

I have two fixed bikes. One has a front brake and the Xcheck has two fucking Vbrakes and stops on a goddamn dime. It’s actually kinda scary how fast the thing stops. Fixed + Vbrake = Instaskidzzzzzz

when i had a brake i never used it

I like stopping.

I like going.

i like coming

Sometimes I run brakeless. But I also smoke, and I recommend neither to others.

Brakes. Because I am smart and like to go fast.

The faster you can stop, the faster you can ride.

Brakes. I can’t do seated skids or any skids downhill for that matter. Plus, I heart my knees

1 bike has a brake 1 bike doesn’t.
I need to get a front brake for the one without it, just didn’t have the money when I was finished building it.

front brake fo lyfe

No brakes on the track bikes, brakes on the conversion.

no braeks most of the time because i’m not in an area where i’m threatened by cars or anything that will require me to stop immediately.

if i feel like going around in the city (or riding with Lucky), i’ll clamp the brake on.

Front brake which I use somewhere in between emergency brake and using it every time I stop. I use it down steep hills/when i don’t feel like using up my strength/when i’m tired.

on a plus note, i feel the muscles around my knees beefing up.

no brake holes so no brakes

the road bike has brake holes and brakes

claridio your av is amazing. I’m with nitro. I ride around with brakeless friends and burn them at any point where they have to be somewhat cautious because of their lack of brakes.

For moar good advices on what too do with yure bike see my Fixy tred.