braking on non-machined rims...

I just set my girlfriend up with a front rim that is not machined that she is braking on. Is she dead?

I’ve heard word of mouth stories about rims cracking from dooing this, but I have no idea how long it took, or how true those stories are.

I’ve also heard its a myth and you don’t need to machine it, it just looks better and will probably brake better to some degree.




Well, you better start looking for a new girlfriend, that rims going to explode and she’s going to die…

I think general consensus will be that it’s fine with a bit of dissent that it will look like shit, slightly less stopping power, a reason to machine rims is to make the braking surface perfectly level, etc.

Just do it.

done then.

that was way cheaper than buying two separate rims.

You will still need two separate rims. unless you know a trick that the rest of us do not. This is why it is called a bicycle. bi = two. In this case you cant use just one. …

Braking on non-machined rims is where it’s at. It makes the rims look supertough, too, which is cool I think.

people have braked on non surfaced rims for along time with no problem.

that aside i think it is stupid and i hate it

Yeah, I love my padded rims. Wouldn’t EVER ride anything else.

haha shut up