Brendal’s Bargain

I have it listed under recommendation for $18,000 but I’d happily sell to a tarcker for like, $12k

Citizen Calibre 8700 $35 +ship

The glass is very rough… I imagine something can be done about that. Otherwise it seems to be ticking away as expected.

Pelican Vault $10+S/H

I used this to carry delicate crunchy snacks on road trips. What will you use it for?!

DJI Pocket 2

w/ wireless Mic. Missing the wide-angle lens. $200 plus shipping.

DJI Mavic Air 2 w/ 3 batteries.

$500 plus shipping. This drone was a “refresh” that I got last year at the end of the warranty period. It has maybe less than 20 hours of flight time. The batteries and controller are from the original drone and have been cycled a bunch but still run strong. Comes with two ND filters, ND64 and ND256 (sorry the ND32 went missing). Comes with a pelican vault hard case.

Sony A7C (body only) w/ 3 batteries. $1300

plus shipping. Walnut handle with a base frame. The detail image shows a little spot on the corner where the paint is chipped and the screen protector is cracked (wasn’t dropped, idk what happened) comes with a fresh screen protector.

SOLD Hitachi CP-X445 720p DVI Projector
SOLD Pelican 1085 Case
SOLD LUMIX LX100 w/ 5 batteries
SOLD Sony Cybershot DSC-W330
SOLD Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses
SOLD Rose Gold iPhone 7 128gb Free

2021 11-inch IPad Pro 256 M1 Cellular with Magic Keyboard: update: haven’t found a replacement for this yet, but I’m thinking ~$850 with the keyboard and pencil

potentially interested in the LX100


Is Jake without iPad still jake

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possibly interested in a drone

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on second thought, i think i’ll pass on the lumix

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All this is the “dirty underwear “ portion of my tech wardrobe.

Approx age 3 we had a garage sale and I put my blanket out for like $20 and eventually someone walked up to it and said, “oh what a nice little blanket! I think I might like to buy it.” And I ran over and took it away from them, crying.


You have any knock around e Mount prime lenses that you want to get rid of?

sorry brother, my glass collection are the charms of rare sight that will be carefully distributed upon death.


i might be interested in the ipad

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Nice okay,
It’s in good condition right now, but it’s covered by AppleCare and I was thinking about getting it warrantied/refreshed before sending it out into the world.

ipad interest understudy

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Oh ya I’m interested in a mavic air


Someone snag that lx100, perfect on the bike camera. And I’m too broke to get it.

tempted but i have a g13 that i never use. though i think that has some backfocus issues when zoomed/in the dark

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i neglected to note that this is still a balleur ipad so i’m out.

Like how balleur? I might not be up to it either.

I’m kinda tempted by the LX100. It might be nice to have something better than my 4 YO phone for photos that’s not a DSLR.

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Okay thanks y’all. I’ll research the value of the drone, ipad and LX100, and will get some photos up for inspection.


Could maybe get in line for that ipad pro

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