broken bianchi..

my friend just bought a concept off of craigslist and when he brought it back the seat lug area was broken. it still tightens the seatpost but it gets loose pretty quickly. how much would it go for on ebay or something and would it be possible to weld it back?


what a douche

Didn’t Zombie sell his busted Concept for like $300 or something. People are so sadly bonkers for those things.

you could try and get a collar maybe? someone with more knowledge intelligencify me.

Framebuilder may be able to take care of it. Though the fact that it loosens on its own makes of think that the issue is getting worse every time he rides it.

Track down that craigslister and PITD!

Seems like you could just well two half circles together around the broken part of the post, but I am not an alchemist so do not trust me.

do you mean the seat post collar slides upwards when you tighten it down? cause i had that problem when i first got my kilo, but it went away…

Why would you buy such a thing?

'cause its wicked sick brah!