broll divestiture thread

Trying to get rid of a small number of items that may have value.

First: Minty Challenge tires:
Strada Pro Handmade 700x30c 300 TPI black/tan–new in box - $30 plus ship

1 pair Strada Pro Handmade 700x27c 300 TPI black/tan. 1 mounted and ridden about a mile, the other I attempted to mount and gave up (zero damage to tire–my ego damage is your gain). - $40 plus ship

Dibs on the 27s?

Could someone with more road tubeless experience than me let me know if I could mount these on the wtb i19s I rebuilt to track hubs for my sw8 fixie?

Edit: nvm I checked and can only fit 26s

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I had 30mm Strada Pro Handmade TLRs on i19 rims and they were great. Don’t think the ones @b-roll is selling are tubeless though.

I think this is a single tire, but proxy dibs if it’s a pair

Winner, if you are cool with the non-TLR aspect.

They are not marked TLR. I found them incredibly hard to mount on clincher rims, so you might get by.

Just a single tire, sorry. Also not marked TLR.

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I am very ok with the non-tlr part!