...but the Specialized MTBs are unbelievable!!!


Stumpjumper FSR pro!!!

here’s a link
For some reason the Specialized site dosn’t have this stuff but my LBS does.

Rockhopper Expert 29:
It’s just like my rockhopper except silver and like 2000bux more 'spencive.

living in the woods makes me feel obligated to buy a new mtb.

does that first one have a tartan pattern like Turbo’s BT?

Specialized does have some nice mountain bikes. I got this for a graduation/birthday/Christmas present 2 years ago. It was the fastest the mountain bike I’ve ever ridden, like scary fast. And it was was godly smooth. I sold it a few months later because I was going to school in the city. We got an awesome deal at on it $1300, then I sold it for $1800.

I love my rockhopper29.