Buy my bike parts

All prices are negotiable. Buy the stuff I’ve been compelled to hoard. I have pictures of everything, ask and I’ll post them.

  1. 9s CS-M750 XT cassette 11-34 (used) $20

  2. 10s CS-6700 Ultegra 11-28 (used) $20

  3. 11s CS-9000 Dura-Ace 11-25 (new take-off) $80

  4. 11s CS-6800 Utegra 11-25 (used) $20

  5. SRAM Red 10s Shakes NOS with cables and housing $200

  6. Red 22 rear dangler (new take off) (2 available) $150

  7. Red 22 yaw pusher missing mounting bolt for some reason (new take off) (2 available) $75

  8. Rotor 3D+ 30mm spindle 175mm 53/39 crankset (used, off a Garmin team bike) $80

  9. Rotor 3D 24mm spindle 175mm 53/39 (used but barely) $80

  10. TRP rim brake calipers, R879 I think, black (I don’t think they’ve been used) $60


I’m sorta interested in #9. Show it to me.

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after you show it to rusty, show it to me next


pay for the crank set, get a pie tin for free!

just so i understand: these would would with a shimano hollowtech II outboard bb?

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Yes they do! But I’ll include a rotor English threaded BB with it just cause I have some.

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What’s the bcd on these puppies?

Both cranks are 130bcd

There’s a chance it can be changed. I have some regular arm style spiders in 130 and 110 and I think I have the special tool too.

i remain interested, but will respect dibs.


It’s all you Will.

hot diggity dog i’m getting some big freaky cranks.

i’m replacing some very old 6800 guys, because every time i ride them i wonder “is today the day?”


I’m tempted by those red shakes, and converting them to 12s with that ratio kit… For the bike that’s been in a box in my basement for 2 months.


Let’s make a deal!

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I still have all of this junk except the cranks that @iwillbe bought.

Please buy something so I don’t have to deal with Facebook groups.

n e pics of 5??

Let me find them and take a pic.

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Open to offers, PM me.

Mine are short cage, also sold them on Facebook this morning!

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