Cameras - What do you use/like/hate?

I feel like I have more and more close calls with drivers lately, and after a local cyclist managed to get a guy cited after providing video of an incident to police, I’m seriously considering getting a camera for my bike. I’d probably use it mostly for when I’m riding around town, but if I found one that was relatively small and unobtrusive, I’d probably run it on training rides too. I’m not looking for sick edits; I just want to be recording in the event that some jackass does something shitty to me while I’m riding.

Anyone use anything they’d recommend?

Same questions.
Curious about these units in particular:

Yeah, I’m definitely jumping on the bandwagon in the next few years.
I keep waiting cuz camera tech is still advancing so quickly and showing no signs of leveling out.

Unfortunately the idea of charging a camera every couple days is not appealing to me. Also seems like i’d be lazy about turning on the camera for rides less than 3 miles. The amount of time spent priming for a ride is becoming a barrier to use. Adding a dorky camera to an already fredly bike makes me queezy.
I wish helmet companies could work with camera manufacturers to create a standardized envelope in the helmet shell for a low profile camera that captures front and rear on a single SD card.

[quote=jimmythefly]Same questions.
Curious about these units in particular:[/quote]

I got a Fly6 rear camera/taillight to test ride for the electronics dudes at work. Video quality was good during the day, worthless at night. The 10-minute window of video storage thing seemed to work well in simulation, although I never actually crashed while using it. Visibility and battery life was great. Aesthetics weren’t too bad I guess for a big camera thing. I’ll try and find a photo of it on my bike.

dealbreaker though for me was that you can’t turn the camera off (somewhat understandable), and the light will only turn on to “extreme battery saving” brightness if the camera’s SD card isn’t inserted (WTH why even let it turn on at all??). Sometimes all I want is a light. If that doesn’t bother you I’d buy it.

I recall declining on the front light/camera for some reason. Too bulky maybe, or possibly the SD card brightness things had turned me off by then.

Have also been offered this bicycle backup camera lol
on second look it doesn’t even record anything
I don’t think anybody took that one

These exist: but they’re a) ugly and b) marketed towards your xtreme sports type of person.

I have a dashcam for my car, it turns on when the car starts and starts recording when the accelerometer detects the car moving. It would to cool to have a bike camera that works in a similar way, ie. make sure its charged and you don’t have worry about turning on and off.

[quote=Lowrey’sOrgan]Have also been offered this bicycle backup camera lol
on second look it doesn’t even record anything
I don’t think anybody took that one[/quote]

But you could eliminate the need to constantly turn your head while riding!

Big Brother’s job has gotten a whole lot easier in the last few years.

There was this one interesting concept for a camera where it just records in a loop and only actually saves the video if you either press a button or if it detects that you’ve crashed. I think it’ll just write the last 30 seconds or something to the memory card, specifically for capturing traffic incidents without having to deal with reviewing all the video and cleaning up the memory card regularly. Can’t remember what it’s called though, I’ll google around for it…

edit: might be this one

i bought the front facing cycliq. it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll report on how it is.

Thinking more and more about this. How do you like the Fly12?

It does what it says. The video quality isn’t the most rad, the sharpness is turned up real high to read plates and details and stuff but I want it lower so I can use it as an action cam.
Oh well.
The light is bright.
the battery is long

Garmin will win a huge share if they tie a camera into the rear facing radar. Just have the radar trigger the camera to record.