Campagnolo Campy Campagyolo Canola Campanile TRADING CENTER

Wanted: Campy 10 speed drivetrain bits. Chiefly shakes/dangler/pusher. Also possibly cranks.

Open to either alloy or carbon stuff.

Let me check my stash this weekend to see exactly which shakes I have, but pretty sure it’s a pair of Centaur carbon and a pair Veloce alloy (black), both with low miles and of the Ultrashift variety. Sort of no reason for me to hang onto this stuff anymore.

Sweet let me know. I was about to pull the trigger on some eBay SRAM stuff when it hit me that what I really need to do is try out Campy. Last time was more than 10 years ago so might as well give it a go again.

Jimmy I still have that set of Centaur stuff hanging around. Smoke grey. Shakes, dangler, cranks, dual pivots front and rear. Everything except the hubs and the front der on that grouppo.

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I’ll second dibs anything jimmy doesn’t want if there’s a lot. Putting together a commuter.

SOLD. Thanks babby!

I’m taken care of, 2nd dibs are all yours Turp.

Oh I just decided to reply to you on FB but you definitely got a better deal here. The smoke grey Centaur stuff will definitely go down in history as some of the best Campagnolo shit ever made.

Yeah, now though I don’t know if I can bear to put that beautifulness on a CX bike. I should probably pull the black SRAM Rival off the Miyata 1200 instead.

Oh dammit, sorry, forgot to look this weekend. Glad you’re taken care of.

What are you doing for the hub/cassette situation?


But really after much deliberation the Centaur stuff will go on the Miyata 1200, and I’ll move the Sram rival to the revived cx machine.

On the roadie I’m not as time pressed to have it running immediately, I can find a shimmy freehub-compatible campy 10 speed cassette, or wait for a nice matchy wheelset or hubs to show up.

I’ve got an Ambrosio conversion cassette (Campagnolo 10 on a Shimano freehub) and it works fine. They’re pretty cheap from Euroland.

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If anyone else is in the market, I’ve got a Chorus 10 group that’s up for grabs. 170 mm compact crank. I think it’s an 11-25 cassette (included, not pictured). Let me know.

Chorus 10 is the good one right? Ultra crank spindle and the normal shifty bits. How much? Not a thing I need to spend money on but I’m sure a tarcker might.

Dang, I am broke but could really use that 170mm compact crankset in order that my bike not feature Shimano. How much for just the crank?

I’d prefer to sell the whole group, but I’ll let you know if I decide to split it up.

Yes, Ultra Torque crank. I can’t keep track of all the Campy variants, but I think Chorus 10 is one of the favorites? This is the carbon version, I know that the silver version is sought out for matchy builds.

$425 seem reasonable? Open to offers.

Also, the one thing not included is the bottom bracket cups.


Thread title updated, trade amongst yourselves.

I’ve got all my campy stuff covered for now (unless you have a century gray triple or compact double crankset).


HAVE: One DT Swiss 350 compatible freehub with godly Campy splines. It’s used but not a lot.

WANT: the very same thing but with shimaNO splines. 11speed would be cool but I’m a dead ender and can do 10.