Campagnolo Record Carbon Crank, Ultra-Torque

180mm because reasons. These are possibly only for @JUGE_FREDD , $90 shipped. w/ English cups if you want them. Very low miles, like less than 200.

Haha I have one pair of these already, but the chainrings are pretty donezo from many thousands of rough miles, and probably need some 1x reuse?

It would be nice to put these on my Time to make it 53/39 again, once I finish building another functioning curly bar bike with compact gearing

Kinda want these to put on this bike:

Would that be good stupid or bad stupid?

Well, one upside of carbon fiber is that it is impervious to road salt, as has been made painfully clear by some other items in my storage cage. So there’s some food for thought for you, fellow experiencer of winter.

I really want to play with 180s, but I’ve just fallen in love with 170s.

So tempted. I had some 177.5mm sram cranks for a while and loved the way long cranks felt climbing.

Lol my climbing days are over.

I am making an idea and think I will take these.

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Plz dm address when you are ready and I will send payment info.

Yeah I’d probably still rock long cranks if I lived somewhere with real climbs. There are hills here but they’re not long.