Campy dudes: what bars are you running?

I’m making the jump from Shimano to Campy for road and looking for handlebar options. The crucial feature for me is being able to thumb-shift while in the drops, especially during a sprint… I have some medium sized hands (or, wear a size M glove I guess). A flat ramp to shifter transition is also nice, and good sized hooks for grip. As far as I’ve looked into it, compact drops may be the best option, though I was originally gunning for some Pro Vibe 7S Rounds cuz nice hooks and flat ramp:

However, the distance in the drops to the thumb shifter is probably way too big.

So, I heard Deda’s are pretty much made for Campy. These Fluida/Presa/Zero100’s (all same shape, diff. materials) piqued my interest:

Also, 3T Ergosums are basically an FSA Omega copy and I can get them for reasonably cheap, but the hooks don’t look quite as appealing:

And I guess FSA Omegas could be on my short list too. But nothing carbon cuz can’t afford/can’t justify it in the event of a crash.

So, you guys got anything else? Or any recommendations on what’s the best out of the above? Chillkthxbai.

deda newton shallows. not a super flat transition, but i prefer a little valley, feels more secure. i can reach the buttons no problem, and i have “normal” fingers.

Nice bike… I usually tilt traditional bend drops upwards so that actually may give me a semi-flat transition…

I have the Zero 100s (not too expensive from PBK) and they are indeed very nice with campy. That picture isn’t a very good example, when positioned correctly the flats lead directly into the flats of the levers. Not the best example, but here’s a picture of mine where you can see the flats to lever transition:

But, I have no idea if they’re better than the FSAs for the cost, I was won over by the “dark metal” finish.

First off the 3t Ergosum and Ergonova are both nothing like the FSA compact bars. From how the lever sits on them to their actual dimensions they are completely different.

I have been running campy on my cross bike and winter bike for a while and I use the Control Tech alloy bars that come on a whole bunch of cannondales. They fall into that semi-ergo category with the 3t ergonova and FSA compact bars but are a wee bit deeper and set up very nicely with campy giving you a perfectly flat transition from top to hood.

Other bars I have used or set up for people in the past that also work well with campy:

Deda Shallow
Older Easton EC90 round bend
Pretty much any Italian ergo bar if you want ergo (selcof, ITM, older 3t, deda)

mine are semi tilted up, if you wanted to get flatter on newton shallow, i think youd start riding the levers too high, giving a too short reach. the fitment difference between ultrashift and older ergopowers is slightly different. ill try to find the diagram later.

I have an old set of 3t formas that I have been using for a long, long time.

I’ve had a few pairs of 3t bars that i’ve liked (criterium and super competizione)

*i usually tilt my bars so they’re flat when my wrist isn’t broken