Campy hub help

A buddy of mine from France sent me a question asking about help for his Campy hubs. I think he’s asking where he can get new cones and how to replace them. Can you offer me some help to tell him? Thanks. Here’s the message he sent me:

Hey, I’m in some trouble finding some special pieces.

Actually, I noticed a “cone” of my campa hub is damaged. You know, its these things:

===|> HUB <| ===

the arrows thing, that you put on the bar and it goes inside the hub, I dunno the word so tell me if you understand what I’m saying.

I tried to find some at Rouen and around but couldn’t find any fitting because it must be CAMPA so it goes on the bar you know… some people told me I couldn’t change the bar, it had to be ALL CAMPA so I need a campa one and so I come here to ask (beg? :/) if you had any ideas how to get such pieces.

They have bikeshops for a reason.

the bar. it goes on it.

he can’t find it because i think campagnolo had their own thread pitch. awesome huh?
you/he can find them at
he needs the cones. the front and rear are different sizes too.

As a last resort these EAI track axles have very nice Campy copy cones. I don’t think you can get just the cones though :frowning:

the cone doesnt fit on the motherfucking hub

He say’s Thanks Tarck (in french)!