Can a Seattle pal go score this bike for my friend? Seller won’t ship. You’ll get paid

You’ll have to handle the logistics; my buddy is very generous. Many thanks in advance!!

Messaged them, will let you know.


@Bahamontes sounds like they may be up for working with you regarding shipping and such. Did you still want someone here to handle it?

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No idea if he’s bidding against himself at this point. Thanks so much for looking out. Cool if I put y’all in touch?

I’ll dm you his information.

Thanks for helping @Bahamontes

He went out of his way to get a buddy to look at a trux for me last year.


I think I was once a facilitator for bahamontes

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I suspect the seller realized these things regularly sell for more and is being a dick about it.

Smaller sized T1’s often get get bought for above original MSRP by folks in Asia.

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