Candy Powdercoat

Anyone know how well a candy powdercoat holds up over a few years? Any other good candies aside from absinthe green? Is this just fancy photography and photoshop? Thanks.

^^^^ What I’m talking about.

Goddamn I want an IF so bad.

I had my custom Dobermann powder coated candy red from Dobermann. I’m not as impressed with the durability of the PC as I thought I would be. In fact, I’ve considered getting the bike sandblasted and re-coated with a nontransparent, more durable color. My issues with it have been that it doesn’t adhere to the metal as well as traditional PC does and has chipped away much like wet paint would, it seems softer and more easily scratched than traditional PC, and minor scratches such as those on my TT from my knee and shin pads have made it lose its shine. I’d be more comfortable using candy PC on a road intended bike than I would a mountain bike, but in all honesty, I think I’d stick to traditional PC on the next time around.

Both those paint jobs look like sex…