Cannondale 2.8?

I could have sworn there was a “Whats This Worth?” thread… Oh well. What is this Cannondale 2.8 worth and can anyone tell me some info on the frame, geometry, sizing, etc? Anyone ridden one? This particular frame includes fork and CK headset. Brand new and never built up… What would you guys pay for it?

edit: I just realized I can’t post pictures from my phone, I will post some in the morning but it’s a standard, red CD 2.8…

yeah that thread is in marketplace

about the bike i have no idea

I wouldn’t pay too much. It was a fine frame in its day, but aluminum has come quite a ways since then. Well under $200. If it was me, $75 or $100, but I could also care less about the King headset. The seller may want a premium for that.