Canti Chatters, Screeching.

What works, what does not, why canti’s are shit. Also, to keep from shitting up the bike blog thrad

[quote=tehschkott][quote=eric_s]I want to throw all my cantis in the craigslist, install linear pull brakes, and be able to stop. We switch between wide and narrow profile brakes because the truth is that canti brakes are shitty almost all the time. It’s like someone who is being abused thinking that their abuser has changed because they were nice to them on tuesday.

(abuse and bike parts are two very different things: I’m not conflating the two, just the thinking process that keeps people stuck)[/quote]

I love you for this.[/quote]

[quote=Blakey]My recent (last 4Y) canti experience has been:

Oryx with tektro R200: terrible
Oryx with 9sp 105 shakes: terrible
Oryx with flatbar levers and a high straddle: super terrible
cheap mini v with flatbar levers: holy crap endos
mini v with R200: as above, but clogged with melbourne grass&mud super fast due to rim clearance
CR720 with tektro r200: better clearance, middling power, but no endos, better with ‘cross’ cartridges that take road inserts instead of long mtb carts.
vintage XT with 6400: great
Shimano ‘touring’ low profile with 6600 shakes: good
Shimano ‘touring’ low profile with R200: good
shorty ultimates with 6600 shakes: amazing [*]
Oryx with 6400 aero and a low straddle: shocked me how well they worked.
FSA SLK with 6700 shakes: good+
Paul neo retro with 6500 shakes: good
Paul neo retro with flatbar lever: decent, no endos
Paul touring with flatbar: skidzzz

All that said, I’ve never felt that I’ve needed more braking power in a cross race, but I have wanted for more power on gravel grinder type descents.

If I was buying budget cantis now and couldn’t use mini Vs, those low profile tektros (CR710) would be the shot I think. Shorty Ultimates if you need a balance of power and clearance and can spend more, paul touring if you have a MUSA boner.

Or, you know, disc brakes.

[*] amazing for cantis.

Enough canti talk.[/quote]

You should rename this to Magura chat.

Paul Mini Motos. End of discussion.



stopping is for quitters :colbert:

dig my shorty ultimates

for good stopping and

ease of release

^not something i usually endorse

CR720 in the front
Something else in the rear
Salmons all around


would never go back to cantis, but i could dig some mullet action.

Can’t stop, just wanna scrub some speed off.

from shorty 6s to ultimates and WAM!.. stops pretty good. still no dick brake stopping power but cmon…

Toe them in till they quiet down. Still chatters? Toe them in some more…
And read this:

bmore shorty ultimate crue checking in

the release can be too easy though… i managed to knock the straddle cable end out of the rear brake arm with my leg whilst squirming around in some gnar. that said i was able to reach back and get it back in place within a lap

also make sure your headset is properly adjusted and get a fork mounted cable hanger, ya turkey

i have trp euro x’s and they only squeeled after I bent my fucking rim and had to hammer it back with a crescent wrench halfway through a shift.

other than that they’ve been great, no squeel even in the rain.

Oryx to TRP RRL levers has been working great for me.

Got the TRP Euro X. Bit of shudder up front at low low (as in stopping for stop sign) low speed. Need to adjust toe-in again and report back. Overall my best experience to date with cantis.

Fuck the Euro X so hard, atmo.

Wanna qualify that with anything or are we just playing brianforums for the day?