CAT6 eternal

casual professional racing stories/tales from commute hell go here

I’d share some to get started but my new commute is chill as shit and nothing ever happens. I did almost run into a dead snapping turtle that was at least three feet long a couple months ago.


Commutes have been quiet lately, but on our group ride some cat6 superstar coming in the opposite direction on the path nearly ran into my friend.

My friend tracked him down on Strava (flyby) and gave him a raft of shit about it.

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This is my greatest fear every time I ride like a jackass

Cat6’d by a fixie going up a long hill (stone way). I decided that I didn’t need to contest the issue right after I discovered that catching him would be really hard.

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did you turn off though?

I slowed down at a yellow so I could pretend I got caught by the light.

I believe that still counts as a win.

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dnf maybe?

I dunno…

well the Cat 6 Win is if you actually beat the person so that’s not a win
the Cat 6 DNF is the turn-off, so that doesn’t count
i believe this is the first recorded instance of a Cat 6 Race Neutralization

No one ever loses a cat 6 race in their own mind. You either win, DNF, or your opponent gets DQ’d (I use this one to justify finishing behind ebikes. Or people with greater fitness).

exactly, if you can’t catch them they are obviously doping and get DQ’d :stuck_out_tongue:

Did some cat 6 motorpacing the past 3 commutes. Three different ebikes. I always ask first before I hop on. Last one was the fastest. Home made, was cruising about 30 on the flats. So fun.

damn, that’s awesome.
i motorpaced behind a frontloader going about 25mph yesterday. those things are perfect because the brakes suck so you know if they’re slowing down long before you crash into the back. plus they’re surprisingly easy to see around.

On the commute today a dude on a big ebike, wearing fancy kit, passed me and said “get in my draft!” then acted upset when i declined. I wasn’t gonna do it cuz he looked JA and we were about to enter a cluttered + zigzaggy section of the MUP.

Fuck that guy and also everyone on an ebike on the MUP.
I hope they all get dead batteries and have to pedal their monstrously heavy contraptions all the way home.


Yeah, I saw some fat-ebike jackassery a few weeks ago on the MUP while I was riding my normal bike the other way.
There is a tight S curve in the Burke Gilman trail that crosses some RR tracks and this guy rides into it full speed, locks up his rear wheel and initiates a sideways slide until his rear tire hits a bunch of plastic bollards then recovers and continues on. This all happened right before I entered the S curve.
I almost turned around and started chasing him to chastise and explain how his jackassery is ruining it for everyone else that wants to use ebikes safely and respectfully but didn’t really feel in the mood to rage.

Why do jackasses gotta ruin everything?

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If done on purpose, that sounds like awesome fun. If done on accident and right in front of you, then yeah jackass.

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Not an e-bike, but I had some triDouche almost hit me at full speed in the opposite direction because he couldn’t keep his aerobar-equipped shitmobile under control.

I do ride my ebike on the MUP pretty frequently. But I ride it slower than I ride my regular bikes so it can’t be all bad.

Anyone riding over 15mph on a MUP (barring extreme emptiness and wide open view) is JA. Share the path or you’re just a bad a a car buzzing close by at 50mph in a 30.

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