CAT6 eternal

Get me into a front-loaded commuter setup. I’ve been commuting often enough that I probably should upgrade from my backpack setup.

My bike doesn’t have eyelets to run a rear rack. I am using some of those Axion dropout tabs for the fender mount, but those probably wouldn’t support much weight.

I’m looking at front-mounted panniers. The problem I’m running into is that I can’t seem to find front panniers big enough for my work computer. It’s not something that I carry that often, though.

Should I just get a platform rack and bungee my backpack to that?

how big is your work computer?!?? I’ve got a 14" dell something or other that fits fine in my ortlieb back rollers on the front though it technically doesn’t fit based on measurements. I just (had work) bought a nice case and YOLO.

will it fit in a large wald basket? I’ve got one of the racing baskets and it’s 17" across. I put my bag in it and use the net and it’s great. (2 different bikes)

It’s a Dell 15, which measures ~9.2" on the short side.