CAT6 Forever


Yeah Straws, that’s how I feel. I haven’t broken any windows, but I’ve been in my fair share of mirror-liberating, taillight-fixing, street-arguing conundrums. I never go seeking it out, but living the vast majority of my life in a place where people are ready to fight you over a bad look definitely rubs off on you.

I try, but I don’t think it’ll ever go away, and I never claim to be proud of it. I’m usually a pretty nice guy though.


I talked to a therapy lady about it and she helped me remember to stop and think before I act.
Impulsive outbursts are one of the defining traits of adult ADHD and have been one of the most difficult for me to overcome.


In cat 6 news, I took two rather idiotic uphill koms in one commute home the other day. :colbert:


Oh man you’re telling me. It took me probably a solid 6 months to not immediately rage reply to my dipshit boss’s emails to me.


Finally encountered a worthy adversary heading home from the office. My very short ride home is almost all climbing and I managed to catch up to him early, but starting cold I was pretty winded. He didn’t get that much of a gap on me in the end though. We took slightly different routes and crossed paths later up the hill at which point I had gotten a little ground back.


Bizarre cat6 today. Riding down 12th, stop at a light. Some folks behind me catch up. Since I’m stopped in the crosswalk, dude rolls forward past me and stops in the green bike box, then farts. WTF. Then his lady friend pulls up next to him. I could have dropped them so hard but I think I won by staying back? Or lost simply by being farted at? I can’t tell. They turned a few blocks later.


Fucking lol


I had a guy pass me and then start huffing and puffing as I was keeping my normal pace, wasn’t going to cat6, but then when the bike lane turned into sharrows he got on the sidewalk instead.

I stayed in the sharrows and was able to continue when the light turned green. He, being in the sidewalk, was blocked by right-turning traffic.

What a jamoke.


Had a skinny roadie bro smash past me up a hill yesterday arvo, then proceed to take a roundabout and a downhill like Spartacus. Got to within a couple bike lengths on the next flat section then our routes diverged. My route must be quicker cos a couple km later he comes smashing past me again, then turned off after half a block. Pretty sure he went out of his way to prove a point, cos I’d seen him turn off much earlier on a previous day.
I’m taking that as a win cos he felt threatened.


any time you get in their heads it’s a win


Shit commute today. Took a different route because i was meeting a friend for coffee, instead of my usual safe-ish park route. Within 3 minutes of leaving the coffee shop some lady pulled out and almost hit me. A less savvy commuter would have been hit, but i reacted and let loose a string of profanities and hatred you would probably criticize me for, and then she accused me of running thd stop sign. Well of course i didnt stop, you vapid bitch, i disnt have a fucking stop sign!!! I almost threw my coffee on her.

Immediately afterwards i got cat-6d by some guy up the hill, and he immediately slowed down once he passed me and started riding on the sidewalk. Im not taking that route anymore.


Petetion to change title to “kmcdon has another bad day”


Sorry. I just like complaining.


I find these stories entertaining because they let me slowly deduce your commute route.
I’m going to guess south Pearl?


close but no cigar :slight_smile:

Typically south thru wash park (via marion), but the day of that story I did the full stretch of washington.


Some guy tried to Cat6 me up the hill the other day and there was a bigass van in front of us rolling up the residential street with a bunch of traffic mitigation circles at every intersection. The driver was clearly clueless as to where they were going and kept stopping abruptly, but this idiot in his effort to get ahead of me decided to follow the van like 3 feet from the bumper. Then at the exact second the van driver finally figured out what they were doing and pulled away this guy turned down a sidestreet.

I was happy and a little disappointed this fool didn’t end up with his teeth in the bumper.


I was cat 6ed by a chunky college bro like three times today. I missed a bunch of lights so had the satisfaction of beating him a bunch of times.


Also! On the way into Port Moody where I live is a Strava sprint segment called Destroy The Orcs. It is qomed by a woman who clearly did it in a Hyundai with her bike on the roof (she sprinted 65 km/h for 300 meters at the end of a mountain bike ride) Anyway I caught her Hyundai this week… Felt good man. I just need one more second outta that segment and then I can rest.





Cat 6’d myself on Strava yesterday - first time commute tt’ing in 2 months since hurting my back. Lost 4 minutes over 6 km. Sad!