CAT6 Forever



I had a pleasant cat6 draw yesterday. Heading home from the lbs on the trail, I noticed a guy was on my ass, he attac, and I follow. Looked like a normal cyclo-enthusiast on some sort of cross-check with skinny tires. I was on the univega dump truck.

I PRd a bunch of segments on the way home, and we were neck and neck when he turned off, presumably to go to his destination and not to DNF.

It was nice.

edit: i just looked at the flyby and he absolutely turned off, then got right back on the trail a couple minutes later :colbert:


I was scolded two days in a row for following too close behind two different women for very short distances during rush hour in crowded parts of Seattle (auto traffic bumper to bumper, single file bike lane filled with bikes, unbroken line of parked vehicles waiting to door me on other side)
I feel like a jerk and realize I need to slow down and give more room.
Both times I apologized as I waited for traffic on my left to open up and pass.


One of the minor annoyances that I find in commuting is when you’re going almost the same speed as someone else, but not such a difference that one of you should pass the other.


Drop the hammer… get a gap… chill.


holy shit using the strava flyby to see if someone cat 6 DNFs is genius


I would expect no less from someone who would ride a Cross Check with skinny tires. One of the worst kinds of cyclists out there.


I’m not sure if it was actually a cross-check, but it was some form of steel cyclocross cantibrake bike with skinny tires and huge clearance.


However, since all bikes are cross checks, it was a cross check.




Fuck off with greentext on tarck. Take that shit to reddit.


Seriously Mig what the fuck is wrong with you.


So you browse reddit


What the fuck is greentext?


it’s an anonymous story told on that unpleasant internet dungeon, 4chan. Usually celebrates being an awkward person who does weird things. I never knew they were called green text.


What the hell just happened?


So you browse reddit[/quote]
Shitty attempt at deflection


WTF is going on in here?


Mig posted a 4chan screenshot about a cyclist who supposedly assaulted someone with a loaf of bread, said bitch a lot and other offensive marks, it would have been dismissively unfunny on tarck in 2011, but its kinda reprehensible in 2017. MY ATMO.