Well, I’ve been riding 45X17 all summer and I want to change up to 48X17 ( already have the chain ring). I’ve been riding this chain for probably 3-4 months it’s got somewhere between 1500-1800 miles on it. Should I get a new chain when I put on my 48t chain ring thats never been used?

Do you have enough chain?

yeah I’ve got plenty of chain. Just thought I’d read something a while back that recommended changing out your chain when changing chainrings… am I wrong?

I would measure the chain. If it is much beyond 1/16" off on a foot I would think about a new chain. Single speed bikes are generally much less fussy about chain wear, though.

I read that too. It says that because you chain wears into your drivetrain, when you swap out a component (cog or chainring) the worn chain will wear the new component faster. Essentially, less life for the new part, I think. I think that was a Sheldon article.

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chainwear is irrelevant on a fixed gear or other single gear bike.

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um, no, care to refute/debate my point?

Worn chains have a pitch that’s greater than 1/2" which causes slack in the middle of it’s contact patch with rings/cogs even when the chain is taught. (the front extremity of the ring, rear extremity of the cog) When this happens, only a few teeth are making contact with the ring/cog on the top and bottom because the chain is longer than the area of the ring circumference which it’s meant to couple with. This of course leads to very few teeth/links pulling a lot harder by themselves which accelerates wear on both.

And putting new parts on the drivetrain, without replacing the chain, will accelerate wear on the new parts also.


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See what Sheldon Brown has to say. (with pictures)

What Would Sheldon Do?

don’t know you supposed to mark a link and a tooth.
always put that link on that tooth so that chainring and chain wear together.
then for some reason (that makes no sense to me or any other normal person) this enables you to be abel to file down every other tooth on your chainring for awesome super cool skiptooth chaindrive.
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so awesome. ... 42-45.html