Chariots of Fire

wherein we discuss towing tiny humans with bicycles.

i’m new to this game: bought a thule charriot cheetah from a coworker. wondering what the wisdom of tarck has to say about these and other trailers. advice? let’s see some upgrades and mods!

paging @kmcdon


Love it!

I’ve got a weehoo and I love it! Best on bikes with fenders though.


Y’all got a mirror that allows you to monitor your adorable cargo? I tried my hamlet mirror, but just can’t get it in a position that works for me.

I just assume he’s having a great time unless he’s crying.

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We call trailers kid katapults mainly because when you fuck up and hit a curb at speed …

So, we bought an xtracycle.

Still looking for a cheap weehoo now that my kid is 4.

Weehoos are the jam for actual bike riding with kids. Probably need to wait until your kid is 1.5 - 2 though.

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Weehoo Crue checking in. Super good for actual riding.
Ours doesn’t get used that much since the cargo bike came along tho.

I have an old single burly and love it. I just ride carefully when I’m pulling that Todd and she loves it. Also awesome for hauling crap and is hilarious to cruz around empty

is that extended helmet visor/shade a thing that can be purchased?

Thank you for creating this thread.

We’re looking to take our 10mo kiddo, Theodore, on our silly bicycling trips. Mostly putzing around the neighborhood and crushed gravel rail trails, sometimes with camping overnight. Any suggestions for a trailer? We’ve used our Burley Tailwagon for our Golden retriever for nearly 6 years if it helps gauge our knowledge.

Have Q, will use.

Usually not recommended until 12-18mo.

I have a weehoo for going around town and I bring it with camping in the van but I wouldn’t bring it poopbarning.

We’re planning on waiting until 12mo for the inaugural ride, but want to do some research well before pulling the trigger.

i have a burley i would happily sell to anyone here

I have a car seat style thingy for James. He’s 18 months ish and really likes it. Can chill for about an hour on it before starting snooze. I think he likes being up really high so he can wave to people.

Sounds like it’s time to design a VO Traileur

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My wife made it but … maybe it should be purxhaseable. Hmmm.

Ada rode at 7mos. I think the guidance is if they can hold their heads up with the helmet, they can ride.

James was 9 months. We were bundled up for it. He could have gone earlier but it was too chilly.