cheap “frame building” garbage (jiggernaut and friends)

a coworker is moving from west side LA to dtla and is losing pretty much all his space. as a result he has cheap “framebuilding” garbage he needs gone. jiggernaut, some bits and pieces, some tools.

he says $100 plus ship. good trustworthy fellow that i would probably invite here if we didn’t work for the same org, but that’s crossing three streams and i kinda don’t need that in my life

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damn, I should buy this and just have my dad pick it up for me

yeah totally. either way shipping probably isn’t too bad?

Dibs. Good for shipping and all to 94619. Just send me the PayPal deets or Venmo or whatevs.


sick. i’ll get you that info

Thank you for saving me from a future text from my Dad asking me when the hell I’m getting this random box out of his garage.


yeah I don’t need any of this… at all… but for $100 it would have been a fine buy.

I gotta say, as much as people hate on those chimonas books they’re really good for helping you wrap your head around sticking tubes together for the first time. Kinda like framebuilding for dummies.

Just don’t do mapp/air, it sucks and makes the brazing part way harder than it needs to be. I know from experience.

It’s more of a curiosity. I think I’ve read 'em before and the process is interesting to follow. Likely, I’d end up using TIG if I build anything.

Though I do have a lug set in a box somewhere… and an OAC rig.

Thinking about it again got me wondering if people would a appreciate a video tutorial on building a frame the dirtbag way and have it actually be decent.



I’d be interested in borrowing the books from you at.some point when you’re done with them.

You can have my copy for shipping if you’d like. I only have the frame one though.

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I’ll take you up on that. I’ve had too much dental surgery to want to build my own forks.

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