Check out these badass aero bars!


Yeah those are tasty.
Must buy today. Thanks

Oh wtf, I brought one of these back from canada meaning to take a picture and post it in the bad ass bike parts thread.

I ate one. It was tingly.

fuckin’ a rusty i have never loled so loud.

Why don’t they sell those fuckers in the US? They are so damned tasty.

those bars should come visit me. for a long time.

I was lied to.

You guys don’t have Aero?

I’m so sorry, back when I wasn’t vegan these and kitkat were the best!

Maybe I should become an aero dealer to pay for school and my new bike

I took that picture in a booze store in Chicago!

Aerated chocolate FTW

Another young soul corrupted by Hollywood’s glamorization of sin.

^^Really stretching it.

mmm. them thangs is tasty!

I took that picture in a booze store in Chicago![/quote]
Yeah, I used to get those at the little market on sheffield/newport/clark.

Crown Liquor?

i have them in my town…in teh US of A…
will proxy! :colbert:

Please post the store in San Diego that has those Aero candy bars.

You’d have a new friend.