Chinese Tiitanium Group-Buy?

I’m considering ordering some titanium crap from this builder:

have heard not-horrible things about them. I was wondering if anyone else had interest in some parts to see if we could get shipping costs down.

i’m probably like a month or two from actually ordering anything.

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Has a few minivelos…


I thought that TI forks weren’t to be trusted?

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Full suspension mtb looks cool but I probably can’t afford it

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I was so close to a custom Triton from Russia, before I got my Open, but before that I checked out the Waltlys in China, seemed very cheap.


post ur rust-proof stack


Anecdotal time

A super fast guy in my rando club got a custom ti nuevo rando frame and a second custom ti coupled tandem frame made in China last year, by two different manufacturers. Both are really nice and compare well with the work of various pnw artisanal shops that also made this guy frames in the past.

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Oh this thing is pretty ridiculous, kind of want.

Fill this one full of framebags


When I was in Xian at the Ti factories I rode a different folder and it was soooo flexxxxxy. You could twist the bars and seat at least a foot out of plane.

Standard features:
:white_check_mark: Planing



That company seems to be afraid of rear disk brakes.

Didn’t even notice that until you said something. Weird.

that frame needs one tiny framebag. just one. for the triangle behind the BB.


Follow up

My rando friend with custom ti steeds got nice third party carbon forks for both of em.

Dubble follow up

Here’s one of them! It’s a waltly found while clicking around just now.


i think i found a better version of what i was looking for on ebay without the insane shipping, so this probably isnt going to happen

I might be misunderstanding something but why does it weigh about the same as a nice steel frame?

[Shruggy] Big stout frame?