Cinelli X MASH SF

Has this or has it not been posted yet? What what?

As much as I don’t like Mash, their marketing and ability to sell themselves is phenomenal. They’re getting shit done and at an alarming rate.

not into the pursuit style but that color scheme is beautiful.

That bike is pretty. Mash kind of sucks though.

while i don’t really like the whole mash thing, their collabos with cinelli are pretty fucking cool.
i remember when someone posted their first round of bikes up on brianforums i really dug them.

i actually kind of really like that bike…

ughhh… i don’t know if i can be a cinelli fan anymore. fuck italy.

Fucking rad. Not a frame I’d want to own though.

saw this yesterday, soooo nice in my opinion. love the color

livestrong, bracelet. Otherwise this thing is dope.

That is a cool preview of the wheels I’m having built right now, too. Hotness.

edit: wait, what?

those photos are playing tricks on my eyes… like someone photoshopped the color out of the bikes.

there’s 2 versions… there’s a BRIGHT NEON orange one too…
I posted them a while back… I think in the “not sure” thread

I automatically hate all “collabos” or “anything x anything”. That is not to say I hate the things separately, but a lot of the time when two companies try to design something together they have to compromise a lot to meet each others’ sensibilities, and the product typically looks too much like they’re trying to just get something out there to make money off of each others’ name. MASH can make money off of the Cinelli association and vice versa.

The worst part is both companies will still make money off of it, even though it sucks and looks like the bastard aborted child of the two companies’ senseless drunken hookup.

Oh hey, it’s got a Livestrong bracelet around the front hub. Weird.

Haven’t you heard? Lance is in MASH now

i think its sick

OH YEAH. I saw that video, that would make sense.

That makes it even worse, though. LA is a marketable entity, and both Cinelli and MASH are profiting from the association.

It’s wacky that things work like this, but apparently they do or else companies would not do it.

i’d ride that bike. it looks great!

those are the hplusson right?

those are the hplusson right?[/quote]