Clown Chain

Discuss this mess…

That is possibly the most retarded idea ever. they remind me of those spoke clacker things from when I was like 5

MY eyes hate it, but my shoelaces are intrigued. Actually it may not even help them, looking at it closer…

Wait…i just had a change of heart…they could help your chain stay clean.
Still be hideous though.

NJS? If not they suck. I dont want em.

Yes, all track racers use these.
First used in the Olympics and now has spread around the world.

Can I has?

Can I has deathhare?

I suppose it would work? Kind of neat for the novelty factor if nothing else.

looks fun…

looks like a shitload of time to put on and take off

also sup lamorinda

If i could have one red piece id run it but not all over me chain.

I need to see this in action.

hmmm :colbert:

is this for grinds?

It’d be handy for marking the master link. I would always forget I installed one then I’d use the chain breaker and find the master link when I was reinstalling the chain. That always made me feel dumb so I don’t use master links anymore, but this nifty device would solve the problem of forgetting about the master link.

1/8 inch?
seems like they’d make awesome crunching noises if you ever threw a chain or got it caught up in something.

[quote=“jim”]hmmm :colbert:

is this for grinds?[/quote]

looks like the plastic wouldn’t last for even one slide

group buy?

i need that, but i spent the last of my money on spokey dokes.

much less ridiculous than the stuff we had when we were kids that went over the chain which was basically that flexible split plastic cable housing stuff.