Club Ride Snap Front Jerseys

Two Club Ride New West jerseys size large, I’ve been shrinking to the point that these are getting a little too floppy for my taste. They are both in great shape…no rips, tears, stains, or smells. The top one is “desert plaid”, the bottom is “blue violet plaid”.

Asking $30 shipped each (inside of freedom for now land) or I’ll send you both of them for $50.

What’s your height and weight, for reference? I love them but suspect they might be too big for me, as well.

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I’ll take em and pass em on if they don’t fit.

I’m 5’9 and flirting with 165#, when I was 200ish they fit pretty well.

Good info, thanks. Would be big for me.

FWIW I replaced them with mediums and they fit just right.

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How do they fit for burrito bellied folk?

Club Ride’s target demographic is dad shaped humans. Rudy claimed these shirts.

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As a dad shaped human I’m xcited


dad is a shape now?



are you feeling excluded from this new beauty standard?

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yes and as a white male I’m not comfortable being excluded from anything thus i demand it changes immediately


“Pleasingly pear-shaped”

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It’s me


My dadness is less about morphology, more about puns and chronic pain.

I’ve lost 25 pounds since I quit drinking January 3 2022. Hope These still fit.


If not then hit me up, fellow stumpy dadbod.

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Will do

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