CO2 Inflators

Worth it?

I usually have my trusty Silca frame pump with me but a CO2 inflator would come in handy at times where it’s inconvenient to bring out the pump.

Anyone have a favorite type/brand?

I just have a minipump stashed in my bag at all times, but friends of mine have used basic topeak offerings to favorable reviews.

They’re handy. Refills are a bit expensive unless you buy them in bulk. I haven’t used mine since I bought the Road Morph.

They work fine, but practice at least once before you have to do it on the road. I like them for mountain biking.

what happens if you get more than one flat?

You carry a second cartridge. After that, I am afraid you carry a cell phone.

That was always my argument against them. However after stopping one too many times beside a busy road on the commute home I think it might be worth it in certain instances where I just want to get back on the road.

They’re great, just buy a decent one and forget about it. There are a couple of different kinds with threaded and unthreaded cartridges. I forget which has the cheaper cartridges, but get that one. I’d use CO2 before a mini-pump if I had both with me, gets you back on the road faster.

Unthreaded cartridges are much cheaper. Buy in bulk.

i only would consider co2 if i also could bring a pump just in case.

I’ve considered getting CO2 to carry cause I hate my frame pump and someone always ends up with a flat on our group rides, but I think instead I’l just save up for a road morph.

It’s all I use, but I don’t flat very often(knock on wood). I have a Blackburn mini pump that I rarely carry. However I’ve thought about getting a new frame pump.

I would suggest the MicroFlate. ... rodid=1097

I have the older version. You have to use thread cartridges but it’s so compact and works well.

I carry two 16gm carts with me always. One is enough to fill two 700x25 tires. If you’re on a long enough ride that two flats might get you, you can leave the punctured can on the head and use it again. Though, if I get more than four flats I’m fucked if I cant find a gas station to use my schrader adapter at.

I have the ultraflate plus. Works well

I carry c02 instead of a pump. Expensive, but I love how small the whole deal is. I very rarely use it anyways.

i love my road morph. i use it at home rather than digging out a frame pump, even.

How is CO2 expensive? I’m pretty sure the threadless 16g cartridges are $2 or so. The threaded ones are a bit more and allow for a smaller inflator, which is nice.

Yeah, the threaded ones are substantially more, but the inflator is the size of a Mini BIC lighter. If your inflator uses unthreaded cartridges you can buy them by the box for crazy cheap.

Are there any specific inflators that you guys would recommend? I’m also interested in getting some CO2. I’m weak as fuck so I can usually only get my mini pump to go 70psi max.

I gots one of deez: … 4396039197

And a 20-pack of deez: … 5027775678