You understand that Dakota Ridge is pretty gnar, right? I believe the preferred direction is North --> South.


How gnar is gnar? My friend has ridden mountain bikes since the 90s so he’s not a n00b, we’re just not looking for stuff that needs 150mm front and rear and a drooper to be fun.


It’s pretty gnar, lots of rocks and stuff. I’m sure he’ll be fine but you did say “he probably isn’t looking for anything too gnar” :slight_smile:


I appreciate the warning, given that there’s no Effective Gnar Scale.


MTBproject has it rated at single black diamond.


I’m sure that you rode it today and it all went fine. It’s tech, but the most challenging parts are the sections that are flat and you need to pedal. Well, that and the steps.


Joke’s on me - turns out my buddy’s sister lives in Vancouver and he’s been riding the North Shore at least once a year. He was smoking me on the downhills riding Devil’s Backbone today.


We rode it on Monday right after that big thunderstorm went through. It was a little tough with wet tires on the rocks but yeah, most of the tech-iest parts are flat.


long shot but if anybody’s involved with ride the rockies this year hmu
I’m gonna be reppin’ at the kickoff expo tomorrow


unfortunately, i’m not.


who’s gonna be at outdoor retailer next week
I’m going Monday night to get durnk & Tuesday to do business


Not I, but if you’re free in the evening, a bunch of us are going to meet up at a park and then ride bikes over to the Swift Industries event at Illegal Petes (colfax) around 6:30 next Tuesday.


might be into that
I have some friends in from Wisconsin for the week to get acclimated before they ride the CT
but I’m not sure yet if they’re planning on hangin’ with me that night or doing their own thing


Hey Colorado! Swift is coming to @outdoorretailer and we're throwing a party with our friends! @coalheadwear, @tenkararodco, and @latigocoffee and more put together an epic adventure for #swiftcampout this year. - Come join us as we get together to celebrate their adventure through photos, video, and stories over a brew or two at @illegalpetes!

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We got a whole mf crew coming out to this, come join!