coming out to SF next weekend (nov 28th-30th)

hey everyone,
i already posted this on

a few friends and i are planning on coming out to San Francisco to do some riding next weekend.
if anyone wants to shred just let me know. it’d be cool to ride/hang out with some locals while we’re in town

are there any rides or sprints or anything between the 28th and the 30th?
i saw the roller race thread (on SFfixed), we’ll probably be at that.

just thought i’d see whats going on


I’m riding down there, and I’ll be around for that weekend. You gonna have internets?

The final in our Cyclocross series is going down sunday in Golden Gate Park. Should be pretty epic.

I’m down to ride.

i think we’re just bringing track bikes. so, sadly, no cyclocross for us

we should have internetz, i can always use use my iphone if we dont.
my buddy Tres (trewilson3) is coming out, and probably a third person too.

we’ll ride.

Ima be there too but no bikes. Going with my brother and a couple other people for my friend’s birthday. Tell me more about this cyclocross thing though.