Connecting a bell to a fakey brake lever

Instructions, pictures, bell suggestions welcome. Prefer it to be as low profile as possible.


I thought this going to be a tutorial. figure it out and then come post a detailed tutorial with pictures of every step. :colbert:

I would suggest the kind where the thing spins inside when you use the lever. The kind that strikes the bell after you pull it back doesn’t seem to work. But all you basically have to do is drill a hole through the bell lever, feed the cable through, and create some kind of cable stop.

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i had one on a beater a couple of years ago. the blue elastic was needed at first to help the return spring, but i loosened the bell mechanism eventually and didn’t need the elastic any more. Cheap and ugly (in keeping with the rest of the bike) but it worked.

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do it stem style like the first example.

unfortunately, tt cable-stop braze-ons face the wrong way. unless you mount the bell on the front half of the tt. so you still need a clamp on stop.

i’m thinking about rebuilding that bike with two brakes and a 1x7 gear setup. then mount a bell on the seat tube and use the other dt friction shifter to operate. for some reason that frame inspires my inner Rube Goldberg.