cool clipless shoes?

So why has no one marketed some nicely designed cycling shoes? I don’t care what anyone says, the only reason most of you fuckers don’t ride clipless is because the shoes don’t look cool, and I totally understand that. It seems like somebody would have jumped on this shit. That is a potential goldmine, and I wish i was an industrial designer. :bear:

I don’t ride clipless on my main bike because I don’t want to change shoes all the time. My “long ride” bike definitely has clipless.

Given that, I don’t think there’d be a huge market for this stuff but I’ve been wrong so many times before.

i wouldn’t ride clipless on a daily/town bike cuz i don’t want to walk around in those shoes, clicking as i step, wearing down the cleats. not because of the way they look; i like the way most clipless shoes look.

I can walk for miles in my el moros with crank brothers cleats. They click a little bit, but you barely notice it. My point is that if you made a pair clipless shoes that looked some pumas, or some shit, you might be rich by now.

There’s always these but I wouldn’t trust them to be up to snuff. The only reason I don’t ride clipless is that good shoes are expensive.

^ i’m not 14, so i would feel a little weird rocking those sixsixones.

Just cough up the money for some Sidis and be done with it,

I am 14 and wouldn’t wear those. Who the hell buys clipless skate shoes to ride a bike?

BMX kids

BMX kids ride clipless?

^^^sidis are great, but I think your missing my point. some casual looking shoes with a stiff sole, and some kind of clipless option would make you a very rich person.

I second that motion. I use my Sidi Dominator 5 shoes all the time…for grocery shopping, minor bookstore/music shopping. If I’m out for a while I’ll pack normal shoes.

I love my sidis but I couldn’t afford the ones with the replaceable soles. Consequently, I’m always worried about wearing down the soles on a pair of $200 shoes. I recently went back to clip and strap for cruising, saving the clipless for racing or longer commutes when I bring another pair of shoes.

My next purchase will either be a pair with replaceable soles or their $100 “spin” shoes.

Clipless Dunks will be out soon

I think my cleats look awesome. Mountain bike cleats won’t wear down when you walk because the cleat is recessed.

Only problem I have is they still do click from the hard sole and the hard sole will get all slippery. I did a psuedo split by accident coming into my building once on the hard floors. Somewhat embarrassing.

I dig these:

they are a little funny looking but damn, are they comfy!

function over fashion, most bike shoes look fine for people not wrapped up in what other people think what is this high school? ... -Shoes.htm

They also have lots of other mountain biking clipless shoes that look good. I love my 661’s! People are always suprised that they’re clipless.

EDIT: just saw you didn’t like the 661’s so maybe these? ... -Shoes.htm

for racing