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winter is coming…

Listing my Winter CX as it has gone unridden since my partner purchased it for me. It is basically new with minimal miles, tires are a bit old by now. This one is filet brazed with a bi-laminate head tube and custom Winter stem. It is equipped with Sram Apex 10spd double tap shifters, derailleurs, 172.5mm Force Carbon 46/34 cranks, TRP 8.4 mini v’s, Velocity Aerohead wheels, Challenge Chicane 300 tpi tires, Cinelli bars, Fizik saddle and a beautiful Keith Anderson paint job. With the current cranks it does have a little toe overlap. This one has a single water bottle mount, a ding in the top tube and a couple of slight nics on the stem, but overall it is pretty gorgeous! The vtt is 50cm the seat tube is 46cm c-c around 50cm c-t.


Wowzers! $1500?!

Looks like a 46 or 48, though. (Don’t have Facebook to verify)

"The vtt is 50cm the seat tube is 46cm c-c around 50cm c-t. "

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Seems like a decent price for a bike that you could upgrade components as they wear out or you buy nicer stuff.

$700 Gunnar with what appears to be a 56 or 58cm, 105 drivetrain, BB7 calipers, Thomson, Brooks.

If one of yous is really interested let me know I can be an intermediary.


I wish I could think of an excuse to buy that, but it would just gather dust with all my other non-commuter bikes.

Thanks. I might take you up on that. Waiting to hear back on sizing

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a $20 carbon railed arione up in this

(happy to buy/ship the arione?)

wheelset is a decent deal also if it meets your needs

some old guy is selling off a kind of nice bike collection

e: my verdicts

salsa- cool
nobilette- very nice
ritchey- belongs in a museum or something
soulcraft- meh


that’s how i’ve felt about pretty much every soul craft i’ve seen

$80 taf basket bike




damn tempted

That just says “log into Facebook”. There’s no bike there.

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Get it!

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I sent a message