Craigslist/ebay/etc finds

Post them here in this thread right here

59/57 ahearne disc touring with all the bits


cheap old stumpjumper would make a cool dad bike?

Complete hampsten s&s road for $1800

Ugh that’s tempting, but I really only want the frameset.

Groupset looks fine except all the touch points. Low end for a hampstein but flippable.

anyone here gonna build a sweet frame? there’s a bunch of lugs and campy derpouts in the last couple pics.

Cool. But it looks like it’s going to sell for too much.

I can’t stand when biddi g wars start days out. I only snipe.

$14 Trelock LS813 Dyno Taillight

Nice German dyno taillight. StVZO Approved. Like the Toplight Line but with only 1 LED.

Standard 50mm German rack mounting, according to the instructions you can modify it to 80mm.

Single center red LED in the white part with a lenticular design to spread the beam out 220 degrees. Bottom half is a reflector. Has a standlight which I haven’t tested.

Includes a rear wire with spade connectors on both ends.

About 110mm x 40mm.

i love old shit liek this:

That’s a piece of garbage and you know it

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Shit. Someone down there check that out for me. If it measures ~58x~57 and isn’t a shitbox, I’ll give you $270 and you keep whatever is left over after negotiating. Plus some beers and maybe another $$ for hanging on to it until I can swing down and pick it up.

I’ll write on Saturday, I might have time Sunday afternoon. Or you set it up and I could drop by

I’ve seen that bike around the neighborhood. If Mig can’t arrange a site visit, lemme know and I’ll pry myself away from my framebuilding long enough to ride over and see what it looks like.

I’m conflicted now. Mig said he’d pick it up if I arranged the deal for this weekend. But after consideration, I just can’t bring myself to go all in without putting hands on it. I really don’t need another canti bike. Unless you think it’s the deal of the century, I’ll have to pass.

Iirc jimmy put a dick mount on the rear triangle

Well, if that’s not what you want, I’ve got an old Spec Sirrus frameset sitting in my bike mess (54st,56tt) that I’m not using for anything other than a stand to put wheels under (tiny tire clearance on the existing fork – I, as has become my tradition, stuffed a set of 650b wheels under it when I got it home and found that I can’t fit anything larger than Confreries under the fork or triangle) It’d make a nice, if maybe somewhat scraperish, 650b teeny-tire disco conversion after a few minutes with a torch.

What are you looking for -a steel fat-tired drop bar city bike or something for CX or ?