Crapbrapping or Pukebacking or Poopbarning

Let’s talk about bikepacking and bike campin. Routes. Adventures. Bags. Bikes.

It’s basically my favorite way to camp.

I was super-stoked when ladybiek told me last month “hiking is kind of bullshit, I’d rather just bike in”.

(if you click that link, the red krampus is her rig.)

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Those pics are great.


I wish the trees weren’t all cut down though, but I guess that’s what “national forest” is for :frowning:

Those pictures for sure show some nice looking packin-rigs!

What do we think about Blackburn’s outpost stuff? Specifically the frame bag and handlebar roll.

Blackburn and Ortlieb bikepacking bags all pretty meh, but they’re affordable. The Blackburn frame bags are on the short side so you won’t be keeping your tent poles in them, but if you’re looking for a little extra generic storage they’re not bad. The Revelate Tangle bags I think are better overall.

As for front roll solutions, the only thing worth getting ATMO is the Salsa Anything Cradle. Then get any old dry-bag and a pair of voile straps and strap it on. The trick with it (I found) was to angle the cradle down sharply and strap things to the back/top of the arc once down-positioned. It is I think by far the best solution on the market right now.

I have tried the Outpost frame bag in medium and it doesn’t fit much, plus if you don’t extend it the extra space gets pushed into the pack. It’s affordable and good to try frame fit stuff. Best to go custom if you’re in it for the long haul.

I’m still using one of these and surprisingly they fit a large Nalgene 32oz wide mouth bottle.

Blackburn frame bag was the only one that fit on my girlfriend’s mtb without going custom. It does the job.

Custom ain’t in the cards yet. I’ve already got a 3rd hand blackburn butt rocket that fits lots of stuff. I can’t fit my poles down the top tube anyway, so that isn’t an issue. I’ve only got about 18" of usable tt space, and that fits a blackburn medium perfectly. The salsa bar bag attachment seems a lot more secure. Thanks for that recommendation. Any leads on a good long dry bag for it?

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If a medium blackburn fits I bet something in the Revelate range will fit. I’d check that out. It is worth the dough.

At REI in Seattle I think they sell the long double ended Revelate dry bags alone without having to buy the whole Sweetroll harness.

If you want to try before you buy you’re welcome to borrow both my anything cradle and drybag.

Thanks Scott. I think the anything cradle is the way to go.
I may pull the trigger on that and the Blackburn frame pack tonight, despite y’all’s objections. It seems like it will fit and it’s better than carrying all of my shit in a back pack like I’ve been doing.

Well it won’t hurt and it might help. Price is right, might as well.

Also resell value is good

Am I a jerk for getting mad at people for calling bike camping bikepacking? In my brain, there’s a distinct difference.

What difference is that? You mean between traditional rack and pannier vs bike bags?

I hear bikepacking and I think long distance dirt touring. Bike camping is what has now been rebranded as ‘sub 24 hour overnighter’ or whatever hip lingo is used to justify the consumerism that this entire endeavor is about.

I’m cranky.

You are all wrong.

Cannondale coined the term “bikepack” in 1973.

So, where is your god now?

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Yeah. In my mind, if you’ve got a rack + panniers, you’re bike camping. If you’ve got a buttpack/framebag, you’re bikepacking. I know it’s a one word difference and it really donesn’t matter and I hate that I’m cranky about it, but dammit I am. And this is coming from somebody who loves a rack and pannier.