crooked spd mounts...

You’ll work it out.
I will never go back.

i’ve switched back and forth throughout my time riding. i’ll probably have another bike with clips at some point. for weekends and around town and stuff.

there are just somethings, many of which i don’t do often, that i feel more comfortable doing unclipped to put a foot down quickly (backwards circles, practicing trackstands, fancy dismounts, etc)

This. One of the biggest reasons I delayed going clipless for so long was that I thought I’d have to bring another pair of shoes with me everywhere, but I’ve gotten pretty comfortable walking in my SPD shoes. Just loosen the straps a bit and they’re golden for standing awhile or walking aways.

So, watch some cyclocross instructional videos that cover dismounts. You won’t believe the speed with which you can dismount. There’s one where you unclip your right foot, bring your leg around to the left side of the frame, then place your right foot on the ground between your still-clipped-in left foot and the bike. Twist your left foot to unclip as your right foot hits the ground and suddenly you’re running faster than you can imagine next to your bike. It’s fucking awesome if you can pull it off. If you botch it, it’s still awesome but in a totally different trainwreck kind of way.

^I do that dismount daily, just for fun.
The rubber stud on the toe of my right shoe is ground almost all the way to the outsole from doing it on concrete all the time.

I’ve fucked up that dismount impressively. I don’t do it or CX mounts any more since I put on the single-sided pedals.